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Our work at Wexford Regional Hospital

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We are currently completing an extensive survey of Wexford Regional Hospital on behalf of an appointed Consultant Engineer and the HSE.

The survey includes;

All preliminaries and Traffic Management Arrangements,

A complete Survey of all Valves, Hydrants, Connections, etc…

Testing of Selected Hydrants

Pipe Tracing using various equipment to establish the exact layout of the water main

A complete Water Audit of the Site

A Leak Detection Survey of all Water Mains on Site

Producing a Final Report and Updating all Drawings

A full water audit survey of existing water main, domestic connections and all the main bulk meters was conducted.

Data Loggers have been installed on all the main bulk water meters to establish an overall picture of the water usage in the Hospital and to identify any abnormalities in the water usage.

Other tasks to be carried out as part of the scope of works include, carrying out a detailed survey of all the pipework on site using all available methods such as GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) and Pipe Tracing Equipment (Pulse-Wave Generator).This will both ensure we do not miss any water piping that could potentially be incurring water loss and will also help us produce an exact layout of the site at the end of the survey.

We will also complete a survey of all the fire hydrant on the site.  Fire Hydrant testing is required to provide evidence of compliance with your fire certificate and to ensure their optimum performance should a fire occur which as you can imagine is very important for a hospital.

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Leak Detection Surveying                                                                       Fire Hydrant Testing

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GPR Survey of Water Main                                                                  Data Logging of Main Meters

Should you require a Water Audit or Leak Detection Survey, Please get in touch with us today, to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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