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What Do We Do | Butt Fusion Welding

At SES, we specialise in providing comprehensive butt fusion welding services to clients throughout Ireland. Our expert team leverages advanced butt fusion welding machines and techniques to seamlessly join PE pipes, ensuring a robust weld that matches the strength and durability of the original pipe.

Butt Fusion Welding Process

Butt fusion is a popular method for welding thermoplastic pipes, particularly PE pipes, used extensively in various infrastructural applications. The process involves heating the pipe ends using a heater plate before pressing them together to create a continuous joint. Our technicians ensure that each phase of the butt fusion welding process—from bead formation to the final inspection of the joint—is carried out with precision. The use of butt fusion welding machines is crucial for ensuring the precise alignment and heating of the pipe faces, which is essential for a successful weld.

We employ a ‘dummy weld’ practice to clean the hotplate and prepare the pipe ends, eliminating any embedded grit or contaminants. This preparation is critical for achieving a high-quality weld, with even bead formation around the pipe circumference being a key indicator of a job well done. A critical step in the process is smoothly aligning the pipe faces to ensure even bead formation and a uniform finished weld.

Advanced Equipment and Techniques

Our butt fusion services are supported by state-of-the-art equipment, including alignment clamps, heater plates, and sophisticated butt fusion welding machines designed to handle a wide range of diameters and materials. We ensure that the heat soak phase is carefully managed to allow optimal fusion of the pipe material, minimising the risk of cold welds.

In addition to butt fusion, we also offer electro fusion welding and socket fusion services, adhering to the highest standards set by IW (IW-CDS-5020-03 Revision 1 – December 2017). Our services cater to HDPE and MDPE pipes, encompassing both PE80 and PE100 materials, ensuring versatility and excellence in every project.

Electro fusion welding, as a complementary method to butt fusion, highlights its on-site application capabilities, offering a versatile solution for welding HDPE piping. These techniques are particularly suitable for PE pipe, specifically for sizes 90mm and above, focusing on the importance of welding parameters and joint strength.

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Ensuring Smooth Operation

Our commitment to quality extends beyond just achieving a strong joint.

We focus on ensuring that every welded connection can withstand the end loads expected during routine installation and operation, providing peace of mind and reliability for all our clients.

This is part of our dedication to maintaining smooth operation and long-term durability in all our welding projects.

Butt Fusion Use Cases

Whether it’s joining long sections of pipeline in open-cut installations or adapting to the precise needs of horizontal directional drilling, our butt fusion welding is suited for both large-scale and intricate projects.

We provide all necessary fittings and equipment, ensuring that each weld is performed under controlled temperature and pressure conditions, achieving the best possible results.

At SES, we believe in the power of good practice and the right equipment to deliver top-notch butt fusion welding services. Contact us today to learn how our expertise can help ensure the integrity and efficiency of your piping infrastructure.