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Butt Fusion

What Do We Do?

SES provide a comprehensive service for Butt Fusion Welding to customers throughout Ireland. Our highly experienced team have all the knowledge and equipment to carry out on site works.

Butt Fusion welding is a welding process used to join two sections of pipe together. This process involves heating both pipe ends and compressing them together. The two pipe ends are then fused and allowed to cool to form a permanent bond. When the joint is formed correctly the two pieces become indistinguishable from each other.

Scope of Works

SES offer Butt Fusion Welding by trained technician’s to IW standards (IW-CDS-5020-03 Revision 1 – December 2017), for HDPE & MDPE pipes, Butt Fusion is a quicker service for joining of longer sections of pipelines used for open cut or horizontal directional drilling all equipment supplied by SES including, alignment clamps, hot plates, rollers etc.

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