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SES Water

Water Metering Systems

& Data Logging

Water Metering Systems

SES can assist in the implementation of a water metering system for a wide variety of sectors. This can include determining the meter with the most suitable specifications and most appropriate functionality. In conjunction with the civil works service provided, water meters and the appropriate chambers can be installed along with the final commissioning stage and testing of the newly fitted meters.

Water metering systems can be included in any size water network including rainwater harvesting tank, large industrial plants, business park and housing estates.

Water Metering System Benefits

  • Dramatic reduction in water consumption and water bills
  • Information regarding consumption trends and minimum consumption figures
  • Early warning of high water charges

The best practise with implementing a water metering system is to install data logger devices with water meters. These data loggers collected valuable information, can be set-up to record over any period of me from a few hours to a number of months or permanently.

Data Logging

SES can offer customers total data logging solutions for a wide range of water metering systems. With continuous investment in this service we offer data loggers with the best features which including rugged, waterproof, (IP68) devices with long battery life. With a choice of remote telemetry (SMS/GPRS) or manual transmission of data, a periodic report of water consumption data can be provided. Alarm functions can also be put in place to report sudden spikes in consumption or excessive high usage.

The flexible range allows the collection of ow and pressure data which can be transmitted via GPRS or SMS depending on the amount of data which needs to be transmitted.

Data logging applications

  • Main Meter Consumption Logging
  • Domestic Meter Consumption Logging
  • Leak Detection
  • Water Audit
  • Pressure Testing
  • Fire Hydrant Testing
  • Rainwater Storage Tank Outlet Monitoring


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