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SES Water

Group Water Schemes

What Do We Do?

SES Water have extensive experience with carrying out leak detection surveys for many Group Water Schemes all over the country. In many of these schemes we would have carried out the repairs of detected leaks. We have all the necessary and specialised equipment to conduct thorough leak surveys of schemes of any size.

Leak detection on group water schemes can be extremely complex and would not be possible without trained and competent teams. A common issue that arises is lack of features on the network which would be required for the more common leak detection methods. From our vast experience we would be able to determine the most suitable method depending on the topography limitations and leakage rate.

Scope of Works

  • Network/DMA Boundary Confirmation
  • Boundary Valves Identification and Fire Hydrant Testing
  • Locate Import & Export Meters
  • Completion of customer meter survey.
  • Installation of flow and pressure data loggers at critical locations and high users.
  • Installation of noise loggers across the network/DMA.
  • Leak detection on all fittings within the DMA e.g. sluice valves, fire hydrants, etc.
  • Comprehensive Acoustic Leak Detection Survey of the entire network or DMA.
  • Completion of Step-test and identify areas of Unaccounted for Water (UFW)
  • Mark, record and report all leak locations and defects
  • Provide estimate of losses for all leaks located.
  • Repair or assist in the repair of identified leaks

If you suspect there is a minor leak on a section of pipe or have a section failed a pressure test the best thing to do is give us a call.

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