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SES Water

Pipeline Welding

What Do We Do?

SES provide a comprehensive service for Electrofusion Welding and Butt Fusion of pipelines to customers throughout Ireland.

Electrofusion Welding

Electrofusion is an electrical fusion process where we use an external sleeve fitting with an internal element installed to poly pipe or fittings. With the use of a welding machine a current passes through this element, creating heat and welds the sleeve and pipe or fitting together.

SES provide full installation of Electrofusion fittings by fully trained technician along with bolt up of ductile iron fittings to IW Standard details.

Butt Fusion

Butt fusion is when pipe ends are trimmed we heat both ends of two pipe/fitting components at the same time by heater plate under controlled temperature and these are then joined, until a molten state is reached at both surfaces fusing the pipe/fitting components together, this method is used most commonly for welding long strings of pipe together on open cut trench/ road etc.

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