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SES Water


What Do We Do?

SES provide a comprehensive service for Electrofusion Welding to customers throughout Ireland. Our highly experienced team have all the knowledge and equipment to carry out on site works.

Electrofusion welding is a form of welding used to join PE pipes. A fitting with implanted metal coils is placed around two ends of pipes to be joined after been scraped, a current is passed through the coils melting and bonding the pipe to the Electrofusion Coupler forming a joint. It is commonly used for the construction and repair watermain pipelines

Scope of Works

Our trained and experienced welder’s carry out electrofusion welding most commonly used method on sites for HDPE and MDPE watermain installations as per IW standards (IW-CDS-5020-03 Revision 1 – December 2017), all equipment supplied including mechanical scrappers, alignment clamps etc for small to large diameter pipes including house connections, flange ends, couplers, and various bends or tee joints (we also offer installation of assets such as Fire Hydrants, Sluice Valves, Air Valves making connections from new to existing lines).

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