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Pipeline Pressure Testing

What Do We Do?

This test is carried out during the commissioning phase of a new water mains and determines if a leak is present on a pipe. This testing is a requirement to commission new water mains and must be completed before the mains can be chlorinated.

Pressurisation is completed using a hydrostatic test pump which is sized specifically for the type and size of pipe to be tested. Our pumps are pressure variable and are fitted with pressure relief valves which can be set on site. Our Technicians utilise laptops enabling the download and interpretation of logged results via data loggers to be carried out on site immediately after the test procedure has been completed. The test results are analysed and test reports are prepared and issued.

SES Test on The Following Pipe Materials in All Sizes

  • PE
  • Ductile Iron
  • PVC

Pressure testing varies depending on the pipeline material. Experienced engineers and technicians determine the most appropriate test depending on pipe material and specifications.

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