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Fire Hydrant Testing

Fire hydrant testing is a crucial aspect of maintaining public safety and ensuring that fire hydrants are fully operational in the event of a fire.

SES Water provides comprehensive fire hydrant testing services that adhere to all required standards and ensure hydrants operate at optimum performance.

SES Water’s Fire Hydrant Testing Services

SES Water offers a comprehensive range of fire hydrant testing services, including:

  • Annual and Bi-Annual Testing: Regular testing to ensure compliance and readiness.
  • Flow and Pressure Testing: Detailed flow and pressure assessments to ensure hydrants perform optimally.
  • Detailed Reports: Providing all necessary documentation for compliance and insurance purposes.
  • Nationwide Service: A team of trained hydrant technicians available across Ireland.

SES Water is committed to maintaining the highest standards of fire hydrant testing, ensuring that all hydrants are tested in accordance with all the required standards and are ready to perform in the event of a fire.

fire hydrant testing

How Often Should a Fire Hydrant Be Tested?

Fire hydrants should be tested at least twice per year in accordance with IS391:2020 to ensure they are in good working order.

SES Water offers both annual and bi-annual testing services to ensure compliance with safety standards and optimum performance.

What Are the Requirements for Fire Hydrant Testing in Ireland?

In Ireland, fire hydrant testing requirements are set out in IS391:2020 and BS9990:2015. Local Authorities and Regulatory Bodies also have specific testing requirements depending on the purpose of the testing works e.g. combined flow testing for new developments. These requirements include:

  • Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations: Ensuring that all fire hydrants meet the necessary fire safety standards.
  • Regular Maintenance: Hydrants must be maintained regularly to ensure they remain operational.
  • Flow and Pressure Testing: Hydrants must undergo flow and pressure testing to determine their capability to handle demands imposed during a fire emergency.
  • Detailed Reporting: Comprehensive reports must be generated for insurance purposes, fire certificates and design/capacity reports.

SES Water Managements services are capable of testing for these requirements, providing property owners, business parks, and educational sectors with the assurance that their hydrants are compliant and ready for use.

What is the purpose of Fire Hydrant Testing:

Hydrant tests are carried out for a range of purposes as set out below:

  • For new developments at planning/design stages to determine available capacity in existing network.
  • For sizing onsite static storage tanks as part of fire cert applications for buildings/developments.
  • As part of annual maintenance works for insurance renewal purposes.
  • As part of the Taking In Charge Process by UE/LA for completed developments.
  • When building or verifying hydraulic models of a water supply network.
  • To ensure operability of hydrants in the event of a fire emergency.

How Do You Properly Test a Fire Hydrant?

Proper fire hydrant testing involves several steps to ensure that the hydrants are functioning correctly and can provide the necessary water flow in an emergency.

SES Water follows a detailed fire hydrant testing procedure which includes:


  • Visual Inspection: The hydrant and its associated chamber are inspected for any visible damage or obstructions.
  • Pressure Testing: Static pressure and/or residual pressure is measured to ensure it meets the required standards.
  • Flow Testing: Uninhibited flow tests are conducted to measure the hydrant’s maximum sustainable flow rate.
  • Hydrant Flow and Pressure Testing: Both flow and pressure are tested to ensure the hydrant can deliver water at the required rate during a fire emergency.
  • Condition Assessment: A thorough assessment of the hydrant’s condition, including frost valve checks and ensuring operability.

SES Water’s nationwide team of hydrant technicians ensures that all fire hydrants are tested in accordance with the standard outlines, providing a detailed report for each test conducted.

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