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Rainwater Harvesting for Business Customers

In the past we have provided some of the biggest companies in Ireland with rainwater harvesting solutions.

With increasing costs of bringing water to a potable/drinking standard we must look at new ways of reducing our demand on mains water while still maintaining our living standards. Our Smart Rainwater Harvesting System is that solution.

Our rainwater harvesting tanks can be used to collect rainwater which is then used in toilets, washing machines and showers etc. This will give you huge reductions on your commercial water bill.

We offer a wide range of external water tanks for commercial sites starting from 920 Litres all the way up to 10,000 Litres.

Below are some picture of a 10,000 Litre tank we installed at a factory in Dublin. The rainwater harvested was then used to flush urinals. We also fitted urinal flush controllers so that only the optimal amount of rainwater would be used to flush the urinals and none of it would be wasted.

Click here to see pictures of the equipment we installed.

To see our full range of rainwater harvesting tanks for commercial sites click here or for more information on how we can can help you implement a Rainwater Harvesting System call us today!

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