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One shower, one flush is all the water kids can use – Irish Water will charge for kids

CHILDREN will be allocated only enough water to have a single shower and one toilet flush a day, despite Government promises parents won’t have to pay for any water used by their kids. 


Kids and teenagers under the age of 18 will have their promised free water allowance slashed almost in half under new plans by Irish Water.

The company has requested a dramatic reduction in the free allowance from 38,000 litres a year to just 21,000 litres in its submission to the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER), which was lodged last week.

The extent of the proposed cut casts fresh doubts over the Government’s promise that average family bills will be capped at €240 a year.

Despite this, Taoiseach Enda Kenny last week insisted in the Dail children’s water usage would be free and the average metered-charge per family per year would not be more than €240.

When asked by Sinn Fein’s Peadar Tobin about any potential cut to the free allowance, Mr Kenny said: “The assessments for the use of water by children have certainly changed since the original assessments were carried out based on water usage in a different jurisdiction as we did not have water meters here at all. The regulator will determine that amount.”

But he added: “There will be an average metered-charge of €240 per year and children’s use will be free. That will not change.”

Irish Water was heavily criticised by the Oireachtas Environment Committee earlier this month for failing to produce its submission document on charges and tariffs, despite promising to do so.

The company was forced to revise its earlier business model after the Government scrapped the planned €50 standing charge for all households. 

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