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The price of water is likely to rise in 2013

Save water, protect the environment and save money this year by installing water saving devices in your office, hotel or factory.  Smart Energy Systems have a host of water saving devices that can help you achieve your water saving goals for 2013.

The price of water in Ireland is likely to rise in 2013.  For a business, this makes saving water more than a matter of environmental awareness. Depending on the size of your business and the prices in your area, water conservation can mean saving hundreds and even thousands of Euro’s each year.

A good first step to save water in the workplace is to carry out an overall assessmnet of water consumption.  Perform a detailed inspection of faucets, toilets and any other equipment that uses water.

Look for leaks and make repairs or replace as needed.  If you suspect a large leak, the source of the leak must be found and repaired.  Prior to calling your plumber give us a quick call to discuss your problem, we may be able to help pinpoint the location of your leak, which will minimize the floor space that you will have to take up.

Set up regular inspections and maintenace.  If your water facilities are complex contact us and we will carry out a water audit and advise on where savings can be made.

Replacing old or inefficient equipment can save a lot of water.   Installing aerators on faucets can reduce water usage by half.  If your business uses Urinals switch to Waterless Urinals and immediately stop unnecessary flushing.  Install water displacement devices in your toilet.  Reduce your flow rates by over 60% by installing aerated shower heads.

As part of the overall assesment, put procedures in place that can reduce water consumption.  Consider using rainwater as a source or investigate options for recycling used water.

Draft a water-use policy and involve employees by asking them for suggestions.  Invite a representative from Smart Energy Systems to come and speak with employees and offer suggestions for saving water.  Sponsor a community water conservation project.

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