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Smart Energy Systems prepares for water charges with the launch of their new online website

Smart Energy Systems Launches New Online Water Saving Products Store

ENNIS, CO. CLARE  – January 10th, 2013 – Smart Energy Systems Ltd (SES), the market leader in water conservation is pleased to announce the launch of its newly revamped website for the start of 2013.

www.watersavingproducts.ie is a bright, user-friendly site which provides instant access to a vast array of water saving products which can now be purchased on line with same day shipping.

The aim of the site is to ensure that domestic and commerical Irish customers can purchase efficient, effective and inexpensive water saving products which will help them save water and as a result save on their water bill.  Some of the products include, tap aerators, water saving showerheads, toilet displacement bags and waterless urinals. The site also contains a host of water savings tip along with all of the relevant information on current water charges for each county in Ireland.

‘‘Our aim at SES is to help individuals and businesses to reduce their ever-increasing water costs by providing efficient, easy-to-install conservation products, and to assist clients to better manage and control their water consumption through leak detection and water monitoring.’’ said Michael Lyons, co-founder of Ennis based SES. Our vision is a world where water is never wasted.

“With businesses striving to minimise their costs, water conservation has moved up the agenda not only in industry, but also among cost-conscious and environmentally aware schools, hotels, leisure facilities and public venues,  said Alan Treacy co founder of SES Ltd.  ‘‘In addition, many of our conservation products, such as water-saving shower heads, urinal controls, push taps and aerators, can achieve cost savings of over 50%,’’ Treacy said.


SES also stock many essential water metering accessories, such as meter boundry boxes, pipe fitting and a range of meter connections which places the company in a good position to support  upcoming domestic metering projects.


For more information, visit www.watersavingproducts.ie , e-mail info@smartenergysystems.ie , or call 0818 288 050


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