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Limerick Live95fm listeners learn about water saving products

Smart Energy Systems discuss water saving methods with Joe Nash Limerick Live95fm.
Click here to listen to the interview or read all about it below.

Smart Energy Systems focus is on helping businesses and individauls  reduce the water consumption and therefore reduce their water bill.

We currently work with a number of companies in the Limerick region including Thomond Park where we have retro fitted our Smart Waterless Urinals as well as in The George and The Savoy Hotels.  We have also worked closely with the Strand hotel who installed all of our water saving products (aerators, shower regulators) in over 200 bedrooms in the hotel.  Furthermore in the course of doing some works for Limerick County Council in their public buildings they decided to install our waterless urinals in 3 of their own buildings.  Many of the Supermac’s outlets around the country have also installed our product.  Most of our conservation products, such as water-saving shower heads, urinal controllers, push taps and aerators; can achieve cost savings of over 50% – great savings for any company.

On the home front, Smart Energy helps to take the sting out of household charges by introducing their water & energy saving household kit which includes everything from leak detection tablets to showerhead savers to toilet displacement bags and faucet aerators.  The kits even includes a shower timer to help move along those teenagers!   Rainwater harvesting is also a great way to saving water and benefits include, reduced water bills, help conserve our water sources, no energy input required and of course reduces our dependence on mains water.

Smart Energy Systems have helped a number of schools with their Water Theme when going for the green flag and right now we are starting to work with a number of the Tidy Towns committees to help them with the waste minimisation portion of the competition application.

All of our products can be purchased from our online shop www.watersavingproducts.ie

Here how you can reduce your water consumption;

Toilets. The majority of older cisterns use approx. 12 litres of water with modern cisterns still consuming a woping 9 litres with every flush.  In an average household with 2 adults and 2 children this can account for 120 litres per day (avg. 10 litres x 12 flushes).

An immediate saving of 30% of water can be achieved in flushing toilets by introducing some simple products, which over the course of a year is a substantial volume of water.  No removing cisterns, no mess, and above all less costs

Hippo the Water Saver Saves up to 3 litres of water (thousands of liters per year), but it will also reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.

Dye Tablets are used to identify leaks in your toilet tank that can waste thousands of gallons of water annually. Worn, old and poorly made toilet flappers can leak undetected allowing water to continuously flow down the drain.  Leak Detection Dye Tablets when placed in the toilet tank, dissolve, turning the water blue (non toxic, non staining). If blue water appears in the bowl, you have a leaky flapper that needs to be replaced.

Showers. Using an average showing time of 8 minutes (unless you have teenagers!) Power showers use a staggering 120 liters of water (15 litre/m) with regular showers using somewhat less at 9 litres/m.

Water Saving Shower Head. Our 9 Jet Turbo Massage Shower Head provides great water savings without compensating on shower performance. Available in 5.5 Litres/min and 7.5 Litres/min These Chrome plated showerheads have a 9 jet turbo massage function which is adjustable from a gentle spray to a forceful jet.

Flow Regulator Flow regulators maintain a constant flow rate regardless of pressure fluctuations.  Applications include faucets, showers, instantaneous water heaters, filters and appliances where water can be saved and intelligently distributed. These regulators can be easily fitted to any shower head and the savings are effective immediately. Available in 6 and 9 Litres per minute

Toilet Hand Basin. Taps can have a flow rate of between 12 to 18 L/min. By implementing these simple changes to the taps, water consumption by reduced by over 50% at the sink, and will also reduce your energy costs of heating the water by as much as 50%.

Faucet Aerators Our water saving standard aerator gives a nice large white stream soft to the touch and is non-splashing and has a max flowrate of just 5.5 Litres/min.  While or our spray aerator has a very fine spray pattern and is the most water efficient in the range. Max flowrate of 2.8 Litres/min

Kitchen Aerator This water saving kitchen Aerator offers two spray patterns; gentle spray or solid stream. Simple pull down on the aerator to change between spray patterns. Its in-built swivel joint makes it very easy to direct the flow of water where it is needed. This aerator also has a handy pause function to stop water flow momentary.  Available in 5.5 and 7.5 Litres per Minute.

Garden Rain water is naturally devoid of minerals chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals and is better for plants, trees etc. For every inch of water that falls on a surface of 1000 square feet it is possible to collect approximately 600 gallons of water Water Butt + Diverter (from €55.00)

Rain water – water is not a commodity that is in short supply in Ireland but there are times when we do get dry spells.  Only 3% of the water on the planet is freshwater.  The remainder is in the oceans as saltwater. Of this 3%, almost 70% is locked in ice-caps and glaciers.  Many homes rely on local wells for water and drawing too much can lower the local water table and have a knock-on effect further down the water chain.




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