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Leak Protection/Detection this winter

As we begin to get ready for the oncoming cold winter, its important to be mindful of protecting our homes.  Many  problems can arise over the winter period in the form of underground leaks, leaks from heating systems and burst water pipes which can cause serious damage, cost and inconvenience.  It is also important to remember other homes that may have tenants or holiday homes which are left unoccupied for long periods. Domestic Leak Detection. If you suspect a leak, the source of the leak must be found and repaired. Prior to calling your plumber give Smart Energy Systems a quick call to discuss your problem, we may be able to help pinpoint the location of your leak, which will minimize the floor space that you will have to take up. It can be hard to find the source of Water Leaks, because the water may travel along a pipe from the leak before it drips out. Our technicians are trained to spot the identifying factors for locating the exact spot where the leak began and carry with them a range of Leak Detection Equipment that will help trace and locate the position of the water leak. To find and fix the source of a leak, or for any advice in relation to conserving water, please feel free to contact us today. How to be prepared this winter. Make sure that all exposed water pipes and tanks  are properly and adequately insulated. Consider purchasing frost protection cables. If you suspect your pipes are frozen, use a hot water bottle or hairdryer (keeping it well away from any water) on low heat will assist in achieving a gradual defrost. Always start from the end nearest to the tap. NEVER use a naked flame to thaw it out. During severe freezing temperatures try leaving the heating on constantly at a low heat. Open the attic trap door to allow heat into the attic. Inspect your cold water tank regularly. Know where your main stop valve is located and make sure you can turn it on/off. Repair dripping taps and toilets. Wrap a towel around an outside tap. Purchase a stopcock cosy to cover your external stockcock. Turn off the domestic water supply if your home is being left for a long period. Have the Smart Energy Systems number handy (tel: 0818 288 050) and call us or contact us (info@smartenergysystems.ie) if you have any concerns or suspect a leak.

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