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Leak Detection in Domestic Houses

SES provides a first class leak detection service and whilst we have worked with some of the biggest companies in Ireland including ESB, Kerry Group, and Element Six, we have also completed lots of work for domestic customers.

Our highly experienced team have all the all the knowledge and equipment required to effectively detect leaks and conduct the necessary repairs.

As part of our service, we allow for an Initial Consultation with all clients that have a leak or suspected leak.

We constantly striving to utilize all the latest methods of detection and equipment required to effectively detect leaks and conduct the necessary repairs. Some of the methods we use include acoustic leak detector, helium leak detectors and the tracer gas method.

Leaks in heating systems are normally small and hard to find. SES use the tracer gas method to find this type of leaks. This gas leak detector method is useful for any size or type of underground pipe and will save you from having to tear up your floor aimlessly searching for a leak.

Our leak detection services are available for a wide range of pipes including plastic pipes.

Below are two pictures of leaking pipes we found for domestic customers in Clare and Galway. These leaks meant that they were losing thousands of litres of water but luckily they caught it just in time before the water charges start otherwise they would be losing money as well as water!

IMG_1735 IMG_1731


If you suspect that you might have a leak on your property contact us today and see how we can help you!


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