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Ennis wastes over half its water supply

Monday, 19 July 2010 22:12
Ennis is heading for rehab, as the town’s water network squanders away 58 per cent of the water supply through leaks every day.
Clare County Council, who for the last number of weeks had been warning consumers to conserve water during the drought, is to tackle the biggest cause of water wastage in the county – the public water pipes in the county town. According to council officials, Ennis is the worst area in the county for water loss as 16,700 metres cubed of water is flowing through cracked pipes every day.
The rest of the county is also wasting water through leaks – as much as 40 per cent every day. The age of the pipes as well as the winter freeze are some of the main contributors to the water loss.

Claire Gallagher – The Clare People

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