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Cold Weather – Frost – Water Leaks 2012

We are in the midst of the worst period for Water Leaks in piping. The cold frosty weather results in both Domestic and Commercial Water Leaks.

Domestic Water Leaks due to the extra pressure put on domestic heating systems, along with damage caused by the frost to outside fittings, meters and stop cocks. Leaks cause aggravation for a homeowner and damage to the home. If you suspect a leak, the source of the leak must be found and repaired. Prior to calling your plumber give us a quick call to discuss your problem, we may be able to help pinpoint the location of your leak, which will minimize the floor space that you will have to take up.

Commercial Leak Detection.  One of the services offered by our leak detection crews is the location of leakages on water mains. We carry out work for a number of County Councils, Group Water Schemes, along with private organizations, Water Leaks in a Factory, Water Leaks in Hotels, Water Leaks in Hospitals, Water Leaks in Schools, along with many others.   It can be hard to find the source of Water Leaks, because the water may travel along a pipe from the leak before it drips out. Our technicians are trained to spot the identifying factors for locating the exact spot where the leak began and carry with them a range of Leak Detection Equipment that will help trace and locate the position of the water leak.

To find and fix the source of a leak, or for any advice in relation to conserving water, please feel free to contact us today.


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