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Fire Hydrant Testing

What do we do?

SES Water Management provide fire hydrant flow and pressure testing for clients across a broad range of sectors and industries. Hydrant testing in compliance BS9990 & IS391:2020 standards using the latest certified flowmeter equipment.

Using the latest calibrated flowmeter equipment and methods, we can establish the maximum sustainable flow rate of a hydrant and record static and residual pressures in the process.

fire hydrant testing

Fire Hydrant Testing Services

  • 7 Day Pressure Logging to confirm time of day of lowest static pressure
  • 5 minutes Flow Testing to confirm Maximum Sustainable Flow Rate.
  • Recording residual / dynamic pressure in network during flow testing.
  • Combined or Dual Flow Testing on 2 or more hydrants where required.
  • Reporting including condition assessment & flow and pressure testing results.

SES Water Management Provide Fire Hydrant Testing

  • For new developments at planning/design stages to determine available capacity in existing network.
  • For sizing onsite static storage tanks as part of fire cert applications for buildings/developments.
  • As part of annual maintenance works for insurance renewal purposes.
  • As part of the Taking In Charge Process by IW/LA for completed developments.
  • When building or verifying hydraulic models of a water supply network.
  • To ensure operability of hydrants in the event of a potential fire emergency.

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